Adi Zarhi

Adi Zarhi is a graduate of the Land of Israel studies at the Beit Berl College; she studied with Uri Dvir and is a certified tour guide.

Kamon resident Adi tours the Galilee in general and the Western Galilee in particular and specializes in what she calls encounter tours, where she brings travelers to unique unfamiliar places, connecting a theme story with a personal one. Adi also specializes in community oriented tours, tours in the footsteps of women and quality of the environment tours.

  • Adi Zarhi 1
    עדי זרחי - מורת דרך - תרשיחא
  • Adi Zarhi 2
    עדי זרחי - מורת דרך - תרשיחא
  • Adi Zarhi 3
    עדי זרחי - מורת דרך - תרשיחא
  • Adi Zarhi 4
    עדי זרחי - מורת דרך - תרשיחא
  • Adi Zarhi 5
    עדי זרחי - מורת דרך - תרשיחא

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One of the favorite tours Adi leads her travelers to, is a tour in the footsteps of traditional crafts. This tour takes travelers to the ruins of Manot, where the remains of a sugar plant from the Crusades period can be found. Another tour takes participants to the home of Kassis family in the picturesque village of Miilia. The Kassis family has been specializing for a number of generations in growing and manufacturing tobacco. The young generation of the Kassis family continues the tradition and opened, at the grandparents’ old home, a visitor’s center comprising old tobacco processing machines that were preserved. Family members welcome visitors and talk about the tobacco growing and manufacturing process until the rolling of cigarettes. The visit to the Kassis family is an added value to the visit in the beautiful village of Miilia and the area.

Adi makes an effort to make the tours that she has been guiding since 1993 unconventional, leading travelers to unknown places. At the same time she tailors tours to fit her customers’ wishes and requirements.

Those who have traveled with Adi say that a trip with her is not just another trip but a real experience.