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Hospitality is said to begin and end with the hosts. Lea and Avi Shreir have invested heavily in their single couple’s suite not only money, but rather their artistic taste in design , their world-view and the special Jekke (German Jews) flavor characterizing Shavei  Zion residents. Guests will sense the result as soon as they enter the yard of these two; following, for your judgment, a description of this single guest room consisting of two main wood covered spaces: the bedroom and the living room.   

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Let’s start with the living room, containing a white leather sitting corner set and not a single ordinary item of furniture. The same applies to the bedroom: the white fluttering curtain, hiding the doorway behind which rests a wide double bed covered in white linen. The partially see through Jacuzzi with its waterfall and background music will add pleasantness to the peaceful atmosphere that envelops the place.
Outside awaits a large Jacuzzi SPA. This is a private large wooden covered SPA area, opening to the flora that fills the garden creating a natural green barrier from the eyes of strangers.
The unique decor, observing the tiniest detail, the proximity to the sea (the suite is located only 650 feet away from the beach) and originality gives the “Al-Hayam” Vacation Suite a unique characteristic, designed for couples that will attract people with good taste seeking pleasure in the small details as well, maintained here to the very last one.
In addition to the creative breakfast, Lea can offer you a variety of treatments using methods some of which, we believe, you have never heard of; e.g. the Korean Su Jok treating a variety of problems through feet and hands; the Bowen NTS method mainly treating areas along the spine for problems such as disc eruption, petrified shoulder and so on. Lea knows where to touch and at the right measure. She also has knowledge of Reiki, extracts, healing, crystals and frequency therapy. In addition she can locate and mend energy blockages in the body using the Kinesiology method. Lea also offers a wide variety of SPA treatments including shellfish with warming gel, and for couples interested in connection through numerology she offers this service as well as tools to find common the interests connecting the them to each other.