Pinchas & Gaston Estate in Shavei Zion

It seems that the classic villa facing the Mediterranean Sea needs no introduction. Its reputation has traveled not only in Israel, but in the wide world as well. The four suite boutique hotel offers its guests a heated outdoors pool, a yard with a lawn, lounge chairs and a beautiful hammock swing as well as a hot-tub under the open sky.
Pini, the man behind this prestigious hotel, is a known figure in the Galilee area. With a combination of energy, initiative, vision and generosity, he has been successful for years now in raising the bar for service in the Galilee. “When tourism is at stake – success depends on credibility, hygiene and service”, he emphasizes. In this villa the formula of success is fully realized.

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Shavei Tizyon

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The four suites are beautifully designed, comprising artistic furniture, lighting fixtures and a bathtub. The service is excellent and constantly offers treats. Breakfast is served throughout the day, wherever guests choose to eat, whether in their rooms, at the pool side or in the large, meticulously furnished living room; so is dinner; prepared by chef Morris Zarihan (the chef of the Breakfast Club restaurant located at the entrance to Shavei Zion), who makes delicious unforgettable meals; a culinary experience all its own.
However, the magic is also impacted by the presence of the Mediterranean Sea, that can be seen in all its glory, and has a hypnotic effect on guests with its smell of slat and the caressing light breeze. Thus, the place bestows a hedonistic vacation atmosphere that brings guests closer and makes them forget all they wanted to forget when they came here.
The sense of freedom is so intense that – 24 hours at Pinchas and Gaston will be enough to leave the guest with a sweet memory of an unforgettable vacation…
Photos by: Uri Akerman