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Tour Guide Farid Fadul is praised even by the most senior of his colleagues, and people who obtain their competitors support always seem intriguing to us.

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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל
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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל
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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל
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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל
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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל
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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל
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    פריד פדול - אוצרות הגליל

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“I am truly in love with the Western Galilee and I know it a little better than the average tour guide”, Farid emphasizes calmly. Uttered by a person who was born in Pki’in and still lives there today with his family (“even as a child I used to travel the pathways and woods of the area hand in hand with my father”), these words are an understatement expressed by a modest and esteemed tour guide.
Farid – is a veteran of the regular army and a graduate of the Israel and the Mediterranean studies at Haifa University. Though he has been certified as a tour guide about seven years ago, he still talks about the Galilee with the eloquence and passion of someone visiting here for the first time. From our conversation it becomes abundantly clear that his need to teach about and show the area is no lesser than his love for it (“I am showing the Peki’in of my mother. My own Peki’in”). In addition to guiding tours for adults and families, Farid guides school and organized group tours. His resume comprises quite a few celebrities as well, whose privacy he makes sure to protect.
Due to his past in the regular military, alongside urban tours, Farid also guides Battle Heritage and Israeli History tours. Another area Farid is passionate about is nature, including animals, plants, rocks and of course – stories.
In order not to rest on his laurels, Farid belongs to an independent group of tour guides called ‘Keshet’, that has made it its goal to meet every so often and travel together, enrich each other in their own specialization areas, and get exposed to less familiar yet beautiful sites and routes in the Western Galilee.
In the past few years he also works as a guide for the ‘Hava Naglila’ company, expertizing in depth tours of Nahariya and other urban areas in the Western Galilee.
Another connection he has nurtured over the years is with the International Federation of Kidney Foundations: “I built routes that include minimal walking. On top of ordinary guiding, such trips require a lot of patience, empathy and physical strength”. And in a word, Love.

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