The Markiza

Have you arrived in the room? Take a breath; Music; Wine? Roasted Chestnuts off the fire? Coffee? What the Hey, Let it be coffee.
When Sigal and Guy from Mizpe Hila invite you to relax at The Markiza, their pampering vacation cabins, they mean real relaxation, such that will loosen you up but will recharge your batteries as well.

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For over three years now the Markiza has been providing quality vacations for couples – and news is spread by word of mouth.
Sigal and Guy, originally from Jerusalem and since 15 years ago residents of Mizpe Hila, operate the cabins from A to Z. “We are always there for our guests, however, a couple who wants contact with no one, will not meet a soul”, says Sigal.
We recommend that you do not stop them from bringing you that breakfast, the one they recommended you take (“a large brunch that will keep you satisfied all day long. By the way, each day the meal is different”). Personally speaking, we would open our door to any other Sitton made culinary surprises as well – but this is just us. You are you.
The three Markiza cabins, surrounded by vegetation, each face a Galilee view of mountains, forest and sea – so that each one of them is granted maximum privacy. Your intimacy is their triumph.
In line with the overall spirit of the Markiza (guest rooms and owner alike), the compound between the cabins is meticulously designed and maintained, yet authentic and natural. The rooms’ interior is clear of unnecessary visual interruptions; the generous height and open space provide a breathing space that does not diminish from the intimate atmosphere the room imparts (Sigal would have gladly conceded the Wireless Internet, yet she realizes that it is used during vacations as well. In any event, working is not allowed. You have been warned).

Rooms are accessorized in a fashion that could serve Sigal in her own dwelling as well: from the wool carpet, to the original drawings (offered for sell); the stylistic double occupancy shower complete with skylight and speakers; the master carpenter built bed; the Jacuzzi opposite the view and the Italian wood-log fireplace – up to the infinite selection of music, movies and live shows.
When we found the pile of books next to the bed we knew that something transpired: the term ‘quality time’ went up a notch.
So do the Markiza a favor and focus on yourselves for a minute, will you?

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