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What happens when two people who pay attention to every-little-detail concentrate all their efforts in designing one single guest room? That’s right, a greater experience made available to fewer people. For those who manage to fit into the busy schedule of the resort, we guarantee that they will look no further: their next vacations will be spent here as well.

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You and Me’ is much more than a Guest Room, or even a suite. It is a home. For instance, the unit’s stone tiling is similar to that used in Yuval and Mira’s own home, and that is not a trivial matter: the Telems’ decided to use raw cut stone and finish it on their own. The result was magnificent.
25 years have passed since Mira and Yuval came to this high and cold observation point that dominates mesmerizing landscapes of natural groves that extend as far as Rosh Hanikra. Mira: “when the Guest Rooms trend began, I asked myself if I wish to be part of something like that. I don’t like to be like everybody else. We decided to design and build a single unit and invest our all in it.”
The unit itself features a spacious bedroom comprising a Jacuzzi positioned under a lit dome that instills an atmosphere of a private Hamam (Turkish bath). The bed was designed by Yuval – a blacksmith and a sculpture. The living room opens onto two balconies overlooking pristine scenery. The comforting fire place, the niches and the endless stylish touches complete the atmosphere. Of course the television screen, the audio system and the pool of movies and books, are also present. This is a domestic suite, not sterile, cozy; that will provide guests with two days of full alternative existence. Did we say two balconies? In fact there are three. On the roof awaits guests’ private dreamy balcony: the Western Galilee is at the palm of your hand.
In addition to cookies Mira prides in making herself, guests will find in the suite herbs for tea, a coffee maker with several types of coffee, various yoghurts and granola. “Many of our guests return”, says Mira, “they say that for them this is as if they were coming back home. For me that is all that matters,”
Do you like the name ‘You and Me’? So do we. And if we tell you that it is constructed of the first syllables of Yuval and Mira will you like it even more? So did we. This is what happens when you think of every-little-detail.

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