CafeinMotion is located in the lobby of the main performance hall at the heart of the Dance Village, in Kibbutz Ga’aton.

Initially the area was designated as a cafeteria for dancers of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company and the Dance Village. However, when Liraz and Yaniv joined the Kibbutz, they decided to take the place a step forward, and thus the CafeinMotion was born.

  • CafeinMotion 1
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 2
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 3
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 4
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 5
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 6
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 7
    קפה בתנועה - געתון
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    קפה בתנועה - געתון
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    קפה בתנועה - געתון
  • CafeinMotion 10
    קפה בתנועה - געתון

Activity times

10:00 - 21:00
Fridays and holiday eves
10:00 - 14:00

Contact and address

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Liraz, a holistic therapist treating women during pregnancy and labor, and Yaniv, with a background in education, who came to Ga’aton from Tel-Aviv, understood the great potential the Cafeteria holds.

Four years ago they took the place into their hands and turned it into a coffee shop restaurant serving the company and dance village dancers, audiences coming here for performances, as well as Kibbutz residents and travelers visiting the Western Galilee.

They turned the lobby area into a cozy living room like place: dancer photos on the walls, romantic light fixtures, vintage furniture and carpeted floors.

BY the entrance they scattered some tables and chill out places – for people who prefer to sit outside.

Music is played in a volume that enables carrying a conversation and is changed and diversified according to the mood and the hour.

The International Dance Village, the mix of languages and the sweeping energy convey an international atmosphere.

Every day between five and six, Dance Village people, young Company members and Dance Journey Program participants gather here, and the place becomes at once a fulfilled joyful place to spend time in.

The Restaurant and coffee shop are dairy-vegetarian and on the menu diners will find salads, such as: Halloumi, quinoa, market salad, Greek salad, tuna salad and Israeli salad. All salads are served with whole bread and a salad dressing on the side.

Breakfast at the CafeinMotion is diversified: different eggs, led by the famous Shakshuka considered a signature dish, various cheeses, dips (free refill) and breads served with individual salads and freshly squeezed juice (NIS45 per diner or NIS80 for two).

Also on the menu: a selection of toasts, sandwiches and pastas in different sauces, vegetarian dishes, gluten free dishes including: gluten free pasta and gluten free beer.

Tempting desserts such as cakes, chocolate soufflé and apple pie.

More at CafeinMotion: meals adapted especially for children: pizza, pasta, omelet and a salad.

On Fridays the place offers a line of beers and live music.

Wednesday is pasta day: all pastas for NIS20

Hot beverages: one + one special

Pizza and a beverage: NIS35, Two pizzas: NIS65

Wednesday is pasta day: all pastas for NIS20, and in addition, a “happy hour” between 8PM-9PM, when alcohol is sold for NIS13.

Every day between 4PM-6PMa one + one special is offered on all hot drinks.

Sunday is Pizza day: Pizza and a beverage: 35 Shekels, two pizzas and two light beverages: 65 Shekels.

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