Lace Makers

In an ancient 250 years old house, at the heart of the village of Hurfeish, resides the Hurfeish Women Center for Traditional arts & crafts.

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35 religious women, housewives, assemble for a social gathering and engage together in their common hobby of embroidery and knitting. It is a hobby inherited from their mothers and grandmothers and that is passed down in the family from one generation to the next. The meeting is the result of a touristic cultural and social initiative,designed to promote the status of Druze women and to integrate them in the work force while preserving their traditional handicraft and enabling them to help in the household economy.
The meeting begins with light refreshments that includes coffee, tea and traditional cakes, continues with a lecture by the project’s coordinator, Afaf Ganem, who talks about the status of women in the Druze society and about the initiative and its impact on the women and the village, while observing the women busy with their embroidery and knitting work.
The place exhibits the Lace Makers handmade artifacts that include lacework, embroidery, knitting and Druze cloths items. Product prices range from NIS5 for a hairpin to NIS1200 for a bed-spread.

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