Tel Aviv Executive Helicopters

The Tel Aviv Executive Helicopters Company has six pilots, all graduates of the Israeli Air Force who have many years of experience and thousands of hours of flying to their credit. The company specializes in flying helicopters and is able to fly 3-60 people. The helicopters are modern, luxurious, air-conditioned helicopters all equipped with leather upholstered seats and state of the art audio systems. Our company has both single engine and twin engine helicopters.

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The company offers three routes of flight to the western Galilee. During the flight the pilot provides explanations to the passengers about places the helicopter passes by – talking about the history, nature and battle heritage of each site.
Route 1 – Direct Flight to a Perfect vacation in the Western Galilee
The flight leaves Herzeliah airport towards the Western Galilee. On the way the helicopter passes nature and historic sites – the coastal-plane reservation and the coarse sand hills, old Caesarea, Zikhron Ya’akov, the Haifa port, the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the Acre port, Yehiam Fortress, Nahariya, observing Rosh Hanikrah and the Lebanese border from a distance, the Kziv River reservation, Montfort castle, Goren Park, the Keshet (arc) Cave, the Rock Park, Mount Meron. Passengers can be landed next to their accommodation of choice.
Route 2 – Extremes from a bird’s eye view
The Western Galilee from a bird’s eye view. The flight will embark from the Betzet airfield, near Nahariya and pass through the following areas: observation of Rosh Hanikrah, the Northern border, Kziv River reservation, Montfort Castel, Mount Meron reservation, Goren Park, the Keshet (arc) Cave, the Rock Park, the Acre Port, Yehiam Fortress, Nahariya and back to the Bezet airfield. Passengers may choose to end the flight by landing next to one of the extreme attractions chosen by them in advance: Mountain biking, donkey-horseback riding, ATV trip, Jeep tour, Tornado boat ride, paragliding.

Route 3 – A Custom-made Flight
Helicopters’ ability to take off from almost any location and any area, enables passengers to choose their own flight route and the nature of the flight as well as points of interest, different attractions they wish to combine, choice sites that they want to land at and visit on foot and defining the length of the flight.