Meaky’s Top View Bar

The roots of Hatem Taunus, Tarshiha’s Meaky, go back 800 years. His family founded the Catholic Church and documentation of the family’s history is kept in the archive – for proof. Therefore, when I sit facing this pleasant man on the roof of the tallest building in Tarshiha, where Meaky chose to open Tarshiha’s first pub and name it “Meaky’s” after himself, I can better understand his personal story.
Quite a few years ago Meaky left his town and traveled the world, leaving his roots behind; about 20 years ago he settled in the bleak British isle where he decided to live his life and raise a family. Nevertheless, longing to the Mediterranean climate and the diverse sounds and scents of his hometown finally overcame him, and he returned.

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Activity times

18:00 - 03:00 Closed on Sundays
Fridays and holiday eves
18:00 - 03:00
18:00 - 03:00

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However, since giving up the British atmosphere and habits was not an option, Meaky decided to open a typical British pub on the roof of the Saraya building, overlooking the four winds. Thus guests are welcome to drop in for a sip of British standards beer; inside the dimly lit pub or on the spacious roof partially shaded by a vine pergola.
Meaky proudly takes me to the kitchen and, using a sharp knife, cuts off a thin slice from the rib of a huge pink salmon which he himself smoked: “Taste this. This is my specialty. Nothing compares to the salmon I smoke myself.” He is right you know. The salmon’s flesh is a real delicacy. And thus, this smoked salmon can be served in a number of ways: baked, with an original sauce, smoked on a platter or as salmon mousse. The roof there also contains an outdoors grill, so that if you prefer grilled meat – you can have it.
Meaky prides in the harvest of sea-fruit specially delivered to the bar a few times a week, and emphasizes that on Sundays the pub is closed, but the rest of the week it is open continuously till the wee hours of night. Apparently local residents have already grasped the pub’s social potential, and some nights the blues music has a hard time making its way to people’s ears through the ocean of Kibbutzniks, Moshavnicks and other guests of every religion and denomination, that swarm the place.