Agreement “Western Galile” – Terms And Use on site

1. General

1.1. The Treasures of the Galilee Website is an internet Website of the “Treasures of the Galilee” tourism venture which is designed to supply, inter alia, tourism information and content for the Western Galilee. Within the framework of the Website it is possible to receive tourism information and make contact with businesses in the area of the Western Galilee for the purpose making enquiries, receiving price proposals, checking requests and so forth and as detailed on the Website (hereinafter: “the Website”) the contents are general, and are not customized to the requirements of any specific individual.

1.2. The Website is owned exclusively by Bnei Hadror Ltd, Reg. No. 51-343740-0 (hereinafter: “the Company”).

1.3. The Website is designed solely and only for personal use and not for commercial and/or other use, unless it shall be stated explicitly otherwise.

1.4. Any individual using or surfing on the Website (hereinafter: “the User” and/or “the Purchaser”) hereby declares and undertakes that he is aware of the Website Regulations and agrees to their provisions.

1.5. The Company reserves its right to change the Website Regulations from time to time, to add to them or derogate from them, as regards the Website in entirety, in part, one of its features or applications at any time at its sole discretion and without the need to provide any advance notice whatsoever. The sole and total responsibility for knowing the terms hereinafter and the use of the Website pursuant to those terms is imposed at all times solely on the User.

1.6. The site is offered for the use of the User on condition that he accepts without any change the terms incorporated in these Regulations. If the User does not agree with the terms of the Regulations, in entirety or in part, the User is not permitted to make any use of the Website, for any objective whatsoever. Use by the User of the Website constitutes the User’s consent to all its terms in full and without any reservation.

1.7. To avoid doubt use of the Website, including filling in electronic forms on the Website and/or execution of reservations by means of the Website and/or ordering any of the services provided by the Website operator constitutes the User’s consent to all its terms without restriction and/or reservation and he and/or his representative shall not have any plea and/or claim, directly and/or indirectly, against the Website and/or the Company and/or any of its operators and/or any of its owners and/or its managers and/or any of their representatives.

1.8. The provisions of these Regulations are also in force for surfing and/or use of the Website via any computer or other communications device (laptops, cellular phones, tablets and so forth).

1.9. Parts of the Website and these Regulations are worded in the male gender for the purpose of convenience however all that stated in the Regulations and the Website are directed at women and men alike.

1.10. The headings of the chapters are presented simply for the purpose of convenience and orientation in the Regulations and shall not be used for the purpose of its interpretation.

2. Links

2.1. In this Website there are links (hereinafter: “Links”) to other Websites (hereinafter: “Third Party Websites”). The Links are designed solely for the convenience of the User.

2.2. The Company is not responsible for the content of the material and/or the information and/or the advertisements on the Third Party Websites.

2.3. The Third Party Websites are not under the control of the Company, the contents therein are not on behalf of the Company and/or supervised by it, and the very link to them does not testify to the Company’s agreement with their content and/or constitute any guarantee as to their reliability, their update, their legality, the laws of privacy to which they adhere and to any other aspect entailed in their operation. It is therefore clarified that the Company is not responsible for the contents of those same Websites to which the links located on the Website lead and is not responsible for the use of them and/or the reliance on them.

2.4. The Company is permitted to change, add and remove the Links from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion. Furthermore, the Company is permitted to abstain from adding new links, all at its sole and absolute discretion.

2.5. The information located on the linked Websites is under the sole responsibility of the linked Website owners. The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage or failure, direct or indirect, which shall be caused as a result of reliance on the information provided within the framework of the linked Websites or the use of them.

2.6. The Links to Third Party Websites shall not be interpreted as approval, recommendation or preference by the Company of those same websites, including documents and/or information and/or any other material found therein, of the operators of the Third Party Websites or to the products presented therein.

2.7. On the date of inclusion of any link in this Website, it has been found that the information in the Third Party Website is suitable for the objectives of the Website, and that the link itself is sound. However, it is possible that throughout time changes were incurred in the linked Third Party Websites. If the User is of the opinion that the linked Third Party Website and/or the information found therein in inappropriate for this Website and/or the objectives of the Treasures of the Galilee venture, or if it shall be found that the link is unsound, he is requested to notify this to the Company.

2.8. No links may be created between the Website and any other website which includes pornographic content, contents encouraging racism, violence or inappropriate discrimination, contents contrary to law, contents the publication of which is contrary to law or contents that encourage activity contrary to law.

3. Liability

3.1. The information on the Website is provided as a service to the public and shall not serve as a cause for any claim whatsoever.

3.2. The use of the Website, including any information detailed therein, is provided to the User as is.

3.3. The Website aspires to suggest activities to the Users pursuant to the profile that they have entered, however the Company is not responsible for the compatibility of the Website and/or the information detailed therein to the personal requirements of the User, or at all.

3.4. The use of the Website is made under the full responsibility of the User.

3.5. The Company is not liable in any event and in any way for use made of the information found on the Website, and for the recommendations and/or events and/or locations detailed on the Website. The Company also is not liable for use made by the User and/or any third party whatsoever of the trip itineraries suggested on the Website and/or travellers and/or execution of the trip in practice.

3.6. The Company is not liable for errors and/or mistakes in the information presented on the Website and/or for changes made to the information as aforementioned by the User or by any third party, and the User shall bear the sole responsibility for any use that he makes of the Website.

3.7. The Company shall not bear liability for any damage and/or loss and/or loss of earnings that shall be caused to the User and/or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of the use of the Website, including damage as aforementioned caused due to use of the software applications that were downloaded by means of the Website or were activated as a result of the use of it.

3.8. Without derogating from that determined in these Regulations, the use of data and/or information detailed on the Website and/or in all matters related to them and/or the use of them, is under the sole responsibility of the User, and the Company shall not be liable and shall not bear any damage and/or expense and/or loss that shall be caused to the User as a result of the use of the Website.

4. Ownership and copyright

4.1. The copyright in all matters relating to the information appearing on the Website, includes photographs, illustrations, itineraries, maps, media clips, articles and text on the Website, as well as the design of the Website, the software applications therein and any other module relating to the Website (hereinafter jointly: “the Protected Information”) is the property solely of the Company, and this includes all of them unless determined explicitly otherwise that they belong to another.

4.2. The trademarks and icons of the Treasures of the Galilee venture, including the logo, presented on this Website (hereinafter: “the Trademarks”) are registered by law as the Company’s Trademarks and it is prohibited to make use of the Trademarks for any objective whatsoever, without the Company’s consent in writing and in advance.

4.3. The User, when surfing the Website, hereby declares that he is aware that the Trademarks, the Protected Information and anything relating to the Website are the Company’s property. It is hereby declared that the User is not permitted to make any use of the rights belonging to the Company and/or to any third party whatsoever, including copyright and trademarks exposed during the use and surfing on the Website. The services provided on the Website and any information included therein are the Company’s property and they are protected pursuant and by the copyright laws of the State of Israel.

4.4. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish, sell, duplicate, transmit, photograph or change the information appearing on the Website or part of it, without the Company’s consent in advance and in writing. This provision is imposed on the information or part of it owned by the Company or by a third party, apart from incidences of downloading for personal and non-commercial use.

4.5. The use of the Protected Information on the Website is for personal and private objectives only. The User is permitted to make fair and reasonable use of the Protected Information, pursuant to the rules determined by law. Fair and reasonable use as aforementioned includes a reasonable quote from the Protected Information, while stating explicitly the source of the quote, whether it is the Company or not.

4.6. The User undertakes not to use the information for any falsification or other change, or any action which could harm the accuracy of the information and its reliability or the honour or the name of the Company as owner of the copyright therein, or any other entity on its behalf.

4.7. In order to link and/or present the Website on other websites on the internet, thus that the Website shall be a “linked website”, the Company’s consent is required in advance and in writing.

5. Information security and protection of privacy

5.1. The User is requested to enter his personal details, such as name or email address for the purpose of registering on the Website and/or for any other purpose on the Website. The Company shall make use of this information pursuant to the law imposed on the matter.

5.2. The User hereby gives his consent to the Company to transfer his details to a third party – any supplier offering activities and/or a service within the framework of the Website, with whom the User has chosen to clarify further details.

5.3. The Company shall be permitted to transfer the User’s personal information to a third party in cases when the User perpetrated an act or omission which harms and/or could harm the Company and/or any third parties whatsoever, if the User made use of the Company’s services for perpetration of an illegal act and/or the Company received a judicial order ordering it to transfer the details of the User to a third party, and in any dispute or legal proceedings.

5.4. The Company shall be permitted from time to time to send the User, who provided his email address, advertising information, and this without disclosing the User’s details to the advertising entity.

6. Advertisements and commercial information

6.1. The Website could include commercial contents and information provided for publication on behalf of various advertisers who wish to offer services and products for sale.

.6.2. The Company shall not bear any liability for the contents of the advertisements published on the Website and it does not examine their contents or their accuracy. Advertisement on the Website does not constitute a recommendation or an encouragement to purchase the services or products offered in them for sale. In the event that a transaction shall be carried out between the User and an advertising entity or an entity mentioned on the Website, this is a transaction between the parties to it only and without any liability or involvement of the Company.

7 Recommendations for trips, workshops, various activities, restaurants and overnight accommodation

.7.1. As a rule, the information appearing on the Website in regard to trips, workshops, activities, hotels shall not be seen as more than a general recommendation.

.7.2. In order to receive full information as regards any activity mentioned on the Website, the User has to permit and agree to contact the relevant business by means of the Website. It shall be clarified that the receipt of the information from the business is not under the responsibility of the Website.

7.3. The Company does not undertake that the contents of the Website (including surfers’ content) shall be complete, accurate or shall meet expectations and/or surfers’ requirements. The Company shall not bear any liability whatsoever for the contents of the Website and/or the use of them and/or reliance on them, and calls on the surfers to verify the accuracy or verity of all the information published on the Website prior to making any use of it.

7.4. All the trippers are recommended to check with the authorized authority the security situation prevailing in the area of the planned trip and the weather forecast prior to departing on the trip, including also to check flood and/or storm warnings and so forth.

8. Law and jurisdiction

8.1. The laws of the State of Israel only shall be imposed on this agreement, apart from cases in which the Israeli law refers to a foreign law in which case no reference shall be imposed on the foreign law.

8.2. The courts in Tel Aviv shall have the sole jurisdiction to hear any dispute derived from this agreement or relating to it.

9. Amendments to the Website and its availability

9.1. The Company is permitted, at its sole discretion, to change from time to time the structure of the Website, its appearance and its design, the scope and availability of the contents and/or the services within its framework, and any other aspect entailed in the Website – all without the need to inform such to the surfers in advance. It is clarified that any surfer on the Website shall not have any plea, claim and/or demand vis-à-vis the Company for execution of amendments as aforementioned and/or malfunctions that shall occur due to their execution.

9.2. Without derogating from the aforementioned, it is clarified that the Company shall be permitted to remove the Website from the internet and/or to block access to it, in entirety or in part. Removal or blockage as aforementioned could be accompanied by deletion of all or part of the information stored therein.

9.3. The Company does not undertake to maintain the availability of the Website and/or the availability of the contents of the Website. It is clarified that the Website and its contents are not immune from unauthorized access to the Company’s computers or from damages, malfunctions or failures – whether to hardware, software or communication system lines, whether at the Company or at any of its suppliers – and these shall not impose on the Company any liability and/or bestow any right to any of its Users.

10. Indemnification

הגולש באתר מתחייב לשפות את החברה, עובדיה, מנהליה או מי מטעמה בגין כל נזק, הפסד, אבדן-רווח, תשלום או הוצאה שייגרמו להם – ובכלל זה שכ”ט עו”ד והוצאות משפט – עקב הפרת תקנון זה. בנוסף, יפצה ו/או ישפה הגולש את החברה, עובדיה, מנהליה או מי מטעמה בגין כל טענה, תביעה או דרישה שתועלה נגדם על ידי צד שלישי כלשהו כתוצאה מכל שימוש אותו עשה באתר או בכל הקשור בו.

11. Cellular Websites

11.1. All the terms of use aforementioned, are also true for the Website in its cellular configuration.

11.2. The service is available on cellular internet-supported devices. The service is provided at the cost of cellular surfing pursuant to the providers’ tariffs. For details and assistance please contact the support/internet cellular centre of the cellular provider. For your attention – the display could be different pursuant to the type of device.

11.3. Transfer of contents by means of the internet and/or the cellular network, is subject inter alia to the limitations of cellular cover and the internet network. The User is aware of the nature of these network actions which are not under the control of the Company, of the nature of the cellular connection, of disconnections of the service which are within the realm of the norm as regards cellular communications, and of the fact that in some of the areas in Israel it is possible that the cover of the cellular communications is not absolute or continuous, and therefore that there could be interruptions at times or disturbances to the content caused due to those networks. These disturbances are not under the responsibility of the Company, and the User exempts the Company from any claim in this matter.

12. Application

12.1. All the terms of use of the Website are also true for the cellular application, with the appropriate changes.

12.2. The contents and the activities in the application are provided for use as is and inasmuch as they shall be available. Therefore, the User shall have no plea, claim or demand vis-à-vis the Company for the features of the application, the content, their abilities, limitations or their correlation to the needs of the User. The use of the application shall be carried out therefore under the sole and absolute responsibility of the User.

12.3. The Company does not undertake that the application services shall not be interrupted, or that various malfunctions or failures shall not occur in the action of the application including the hardware, software and/or communication lines to the application. These interruptions are not under the responsibility of the Company and the User shall not have any plea or claim vis-à-vis the Company in all matters relating to the use of the application.

12.4. Every new feature in the application and/or the service, including any update and/or version and/or upgrade of the application and/or the service even if they do not exist or are not offered at present, shall be subject to these terms of use. In an event in which additional services shall be added to the application, it is possible that you shall be required to provide your separate consent for the additional terms obligated from the use of them, however inasmuch as you shall not be requested to do so, these terms shall be imposed.

12.5. For the purpose of use of the application it is important that you allow the use of the GPS for identification of your location. You are not obligated to enable the use of the GPS however if you do not do so it is possible that you shall not be able to benefit from some of the functions of the application.

13. Miscellaneous

13.1. For any question about the Website and/or activity of the “Treasures of the Galilee” venture and/or if you are of the opinion that content was published on the Website that harms you for any reason or that the content breaches these terms or your rights please contact us directly at: