Templar Youth Hostel and Guest House

Travelers touring the old city of Acre will encounter an enormous building with an impressive facade and a European appearance looking slightly inapposite to the old wall standing just a stone’s throw away. The hostel building, offering 76 high standard rooms, on the other hand does in fact correspond with the antiquity surrounding it.
The Roman Aqueduct extends into the guest house passing through the lobby. The spacious patio hosing the Cafeteria comprises a recently uncovered patch of antiquities. The ancient remains can be seen from the guest house corridors and its various halls.

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Caid Koas, the manager of the youth hostel and guest house, is a gentle soft spoken fellow. Groups of hikers, youth and backpackers arrive here every day. Families come here as well; having heard of this modern guest house offering sparkling clean rooms with showers, air-conditioning, adjacent bathrooms, television and a minibar at affordable prices.
The hostel belongs to the Israel Youth Hostel Association (ANA) established in 1937 for the purpose of providing accommodations, catering and tour services to groups, families and individual from Israel and abroad. The Association’s objective is to familiarize people with the state of Israel and its society, educate them towards protecting scenic assets and natural monuments, the environment, pluralism, tolerance and helping others. 20 ANA managed hostels are located throughout the country from Eilat in the South to Tel-Hai in the North, in the vicinity of national parks, historical sites, entertainment centers and holiday resorts.
Hikers from Israel and abroad who chose to spend the night in youth hostels will discover well-kept buildings, good accommodations and polite service. Tours of the area leave hostel gates on a daily basis.
The new Templar Guest House is located at the very heart of the attraction filled old city of Acre offering a vacation affordable to all. The premises comprise 10 double occupancy rooms and 76 family rooms, and is suitable for religious guests as well as for team-forging events and seminaries (the hostel has 8 convention halls and modern conference rooms).
Also available at the hostel: a dining room offering 3 meals a day at additional cost.
Templar Youth Hostel and Guest House. 76 vacation units suitable for couples and families,
located 150 meters from the beach. The site also offers archeological digs and explanation stations, rooftop observation, a cafeteria, workshops and conference rooms, as well as tour recommendations