“Boacha Yodfat– “Galilee Tourist Center

“Boacha Yodfat” (literally, “As you approach Yodfat”) is a recreation and shopping center, located in a grove of oaks, providing a stunning view of Moshav Yodfat in the Lower Galilee.

Here you will find stores, a gallery, a jewelry studio, a delicatessen, a dairy café, a bakery – and, of course, the “Monkey Forest”. All the businesses belong to Yodfat residents, infusing every corner of the center with the charmed, pastoral spirit of the moshav.

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Activity times

open seven days a week
open seven days a week

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Located in the Center:

Café Yotfat

The café is described by our visitors as the place with the best vistas in Israel, but the café has much more to offer besides the view: a dairy Galilee menu that changes with the seasons.

Breakfast and lunch, baked goods, salads and desserts accompanied by coffee, local wines, keg beer, and fresh-squeezed juices. The food is made from the freshest ingredients purchased from local farmers.

The café is vegan-friendly and welcomes special events.


Sunday-Wednesday: 8:00-15:00

Thursday: 8:00-21:00

Friday: 8:00-15:00

Saturday: 9:00-17:00

For reservations: 077-9964449

Onkia (Ounce)

“Onkia” is a studio workshop of handmade gold and silver jewelry, side by side with a shop where you can find a large selection of jewelry made by the shop’s owner, Mor Ben-Yehuda, and other jewelers, and silver and goldsmiths who have been carefully selected for originality of design and meticulous workmanship.   The studio specializes in designing personalized engagement and wedding rings, involving the couple in the design and creation experience.

You are warmly invited to visit the shop, which is open seven days a week.

Hamalbushiya – “much more than just socks…”

A boutique store, selling products with local connotations:

“Garbey Yodfat” (Yodfat Socks) is one of the best-known and loved brands in Israel because of their attractiveness and quality.

“Socks of Yore” designed and created in Yodfat can be bought exclusively in this store.

“Achu Fashions” specializes in Galilee-style casual wear for women; for men, the store offers the American brand Carhartt rugged, comfortable field and workwear.

In addition, the store carries hats, shoes and bags from leading manufacturers noted for their quality and esthetics.


Monkey Forest

A small petting zoo was created for Yodfat’s children in the 1970s and opened to the general public in the 1990s. Today, in addition to the monkey enclosures, “Monkey Forest” serves as a refuge for many animals brought here from all over the country.

Everything experienced by children and adults revolves around nature and affection for the animals, who are free to approach or distance themselves from visitors.

We invite you to come, wander in comfort along the forest’s trails, meet and get to know the animals, and to enjoy a different experience in nature.

Asael’s Bread

This is Boacha Yotfat’s bakery, where all the breads are made on the premises. The sourdough bread is made by hand in the traditional way from quality, whole-grain flour. Two batches are baked daily, morning and noon, so the bread is always fresh.

In addition to bread, there are other bakery products: hallah breads on Fridays, bagels, japetta, wonderful yeast cakes and cookies. Buy them fresh in the morning and go out to enjoy a picnic in the Monkey Forest.

Halav im Haruach (Goats with the Wind. Sounds like: Gone with the wind)

This dairy and organic goat cheese boutique is one of the center’s culinary highlights.  The milk comes from Amnon and Daliah’s goat farm nestled in the hills of Har Hashabi.

The shop carries a variety of goat-milk cheeses, such as shabriya – cheese wrapped in vine leaves, pahima – a charcoal-coated cheese, pampadura, Isabella, and many other excellent cheeses.

Recently the shop added a sourish yogurt ice cream to its products, which immediately won the title of one of the five best ice creams in the country.

Holech Batel – local shop

Holech Batel doesn’t fit the mold of any regular store – it’s simply a local gem! The shop offers an amazing variety of goods, from excellent wines from Israel and abroad to outstanding items produced in Yodfat such as olive oil, honey and jams, soaps, and personal care products produced in the area. And, of course, – in season – Yodfat’s famous flower bulbs.

In addition, you will also find anthroposophic products inspired by the anthroposophic school in Yodfat. The shop’s Galilee Hospitality Corner sells finjans for coffee, teapots, glasses and silver trays in a range of sizes, as well as a wonderful selection of quality toys and creative products for children.

Tootsie’s Deli

The shelves in Tootsie’s Deli are loaded with all kinds of goodies: jams, pickles and other preserved vegies, cookies and baked goods, Turkish delight, and Tootsie’s special almond caramel concoction. The shop also sells quality raw materials from around the world and the best of Israel’s products: sausages, spices, coffee, olives, and heavenly halvah.  Everything is fresh, changing with seasonal availability.

At Tootsie’s you find the best sandwich you’ve ever eaten!

Hagar – quality boutique for second-hand clothes

The shop has a variety of meticulously selected quality women’s clothes.  Every item is unique and the selection constantly changes.

On the hangers: a huge variety of designer and vintage clothes

Also: shoes, bags, scarfs, jewelry – and a Bargain Corner

And on top of all this, you can also find textiles and quality porcelain dishes.


In Jemma’s shop, Yemima Bar sells items to enhance your home’s interior décor: quality textiles that she imports from India, side by side with recycled wood furniture made by her partner, as well as quality enamelware.

In the textile section you’ll find curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths, rugs, handbags and infant bedding – all handmade in a variety of traditional techniques.

Among the furniture items, you’ll find benches, stools, cabinets and trays.

The colorfulness of the shop is truly breathtaking.

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