Nissim Beitan, Tour Guide

A certified tour guide specializing in Akko and its history. He emphasizes in his tour the uniqueness of Akko throughout the years. He conducts tours for religious and ultra-orthodox groups to the Jewish sources of Akko. For singles, couples, families and groups. To be coordinated in advance.

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Nissim Beitan is a resident of Akko and a tour guide specializing in Akko. Nissim has been engaged in guiding for the past 14 years. He is a graduate of the Tour Guides Course of the Haifa University and holds a valid tour guide licence. In the past he was the Principal of the Canadian Junior High School in Akko. He has an MA in Research and frequently lectures about Akko and regularly publishes newspaper columns about Akko and the surrounding area. Beitan knows Akko and its residents like the palm of his hand.

In the tours in Akko, which are customized for the various populations, Nissim emphasizes Akko as a very special city with many sites and events that are specific to it:

the most protected port in the Mediterranean Sea;

the Global Shadeli Sufi Order;

the global spiritual centre for the mountain Jews knows as the Caucasians;

the holiest place for the youngest religion – the Bahai at Bajii;

the largest mosque within the 1967 borders – the El Jazzar Mosque.;

the public building with the greatest number of mosaic artworks in the world – the Tunisian Synagogue in the Mandate City;

the place in which the most daring breach took place during the British mandate which today is the Museum of Underground Prisoners and more.

Special tours for religious and ultra-orthodox groups:

During these tours you will see sites and ruins from ancient eras however with a connection to Jewish personalities:

the rock kissed by Rabbi Abba in the third century on the Akko promenade;

the place in which Nachman ides taught while he lived in Akko under the Saint John Church;

the synagogue in which Rabbi Haim Ben Atar, Rabbi Moshe Haim Luzzatto and  Rabbi Nachman from Breslau prayed which is located in the ancient synagogue on the edge of the market;

the gate through which Rabbi Nachman from Breslau entered which is the Dry Gate;

the house in which Haim Farhi lived, the advisor for El Jazzar and Suliman Pasha;

the ritual bathing houses (mikve) which were available for the use of the Jews in the Old City of Akko until 1965 and more.