In a picturesque alley at the heart of the Sheikh Abdullahneighborhood, next to the Ramchal Synagogue in Old Acre (Akko), at a distance of one hundred and fifty meters from the Acre Port and the beach, resides an ancient Ottoman house, 300 years old, that was renovated and converted into a cultural and hosting center with three beautiful hospitality rooms.

  • Arabesque 1
  • Arabesque 2
    סוויטת ערבסק, עכו
  • Arabesque 3
  • Arabesque 4
    ערבסק- אוצרות הגליל
  • Arabesque 5
    סוויטת ערבסק, עכו
  • Arabesque 6
  • Arabesque 7
    סוויטת ערבסק, עכו
  • Arabesque 8
  • Arabesque 9
  • Arabesque 10
  • Arabesque 11
  • Arabesque 12
  • Arabesque 13

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The house, which was in the past the residence of a family from Acre, was used for many years as a lime production plant. The house was purchased from the family by Evan Fallenberg, an author and Professor of creative writing, and was renovated from top to bottom while meticulously and strictly maintaining the laws of conservation. In this manner, the original stone walls, arches and paintings were uncovered. The meticulous conservation work maintained the strict treatment of every stone, while during the work process, design elements honoring the history and heritage of the house were introduced.

The house comprises a beautiful internal courtyard with benches for resting, tables and chairs. From the courtyard, one can enter both hospitality rooms and the suite.

The Oriental flavor decorated rooms integrate modern comfort.

All the rooms comprise high vaulted ceilings with dangling chandelier lighting fixtures, typical Acre terrazzo floors and an eclectic collection of antique furniture, when some were brought in their entirety from a mansion in Transilvaniaand the tableware and tagine from Morocco.

The entrance hall, where breakfast is served and gatherings and cultural events are held as well, includes a designed bar, window frames from India and impressive design items. The assembly room hosts cultural evenings, writing workshops, cooking workshops, Arabic instruction, lectures, music and food evenings and movies are screened free of charge for guests of the boarding house while external guests are charged.

The house can also be leased for private and intimate events.

Arabesque’s location at the heart of the Old City’s alleys, among the houses of the residents, allows an authentic hospitality experience which is not detached from the location but allows integration and acquaintance with the locals and learning the essence of life at the Old City of Acre. The proximity to the fishermen’s old port and to the unique and exceptional Ramchal Synagogue also enhances the hospitality atmosphere of this very special place.


Hospitality room: 800 NIS per couple including breakfast.

Suite: 900 NIS per couple including breakfast.

The Arab-style breakfast is prepared by one of the neighbors.