Idan Hapri (the Fruit Age)

“Fruit that is not good in the beginning of the process cannot produce a good product at the end of it”, explains Idan Ishakh to the group of travelers densely packing the Galilean wooden cabin providing a spacious rural space for Idan Hapri’s display room at Moshav Betzet. “Quality fruit on the other hand, processed through our unique slow drying, will remain qualitative after the process as well, and will retain its nutritional values”. After Idan’s explanation, visitors may understand that one can enjoy the (natural) sweetness and juicy velvety texture of dried fruit without giving up the advantages bestowed upon it by nature.

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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל
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    עידן הפרי - אוצרות הגליל

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10:00 - 17:00
Fridays and holiday eves
10:00 - 14:00

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Idan lives with her family in the rural settlement. After qualifying in the food engineering field, she worked for years as an employee of companies in that industry. About two years ago she decided to start an independent business together with her husband, Nadav, who is a farmer, and after a year of hard labor including trials and development of products – a new “Idan” (era) was welcome into the world.
Among the colorful enticing dried fruit display at Idan Hapri, visitors may find fruit such as they had never seen before (Lychee, Kiwi, red banana and more) alongside dried fruit that they may have encountered previously, but take our word for it, the likes of these they have not yet encountered. This is the real deal. The Facebook and media buzz created around Idan Hapri during the short period that it has been active is justified. And we are quite confident that here lay the foundations of a future empire that will return to Israel the respect of dried fruit lost to Turkey.

Idan Hapri also offers exotic tea brews (Pomelo and Melon, citrus, berries) packed in fun capsules, alongside many mixtures of herbs (Micromeria, Louisa, Mint) grown in a net encasement – that keeps bugs out and saves the need for the sprays we so got used to. Please forgive our candor.
What else? Homemade granola, old-style fruit preserves, olive oil and Limoncello. The moto is – no sugar, no preservatives and no gluten; so that phosphor, sulfur and food coloring can be found in many places – but not here. Once again, our apologies.
Part of the charm of Idan Hapri is the transparency of the processes used here: Idan apologizes when she points out that “shelf life of products is relatively short because they contain no preservatives”. How short? You inquire; Seven to nine months. Think you can handle that? We thought so.
The place also offers workshops of chocolate fruit coating, filled dates, skewered fruit, fruit-leather flowers as well as lectures.
Products can be purchase on location or ordered by phone and mailed to the customer.
Kosher. Gluten free. Private events as well as seminars can be held here. Excluding organized groups, no advance coordination is required.

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