The city of Acre is the only Crusaders’ city in the world in which people still live. The Accotel resides at the heart of the old city of Acre, not far from the marketplace and the harbor, and is built inside an impressive historic building. The hotel is furnished in simple style and protects the conserved building that was originally used as officers’ residence and served as a customs checkpoint during the Ottoman period.

  • Accotel 1
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 2
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 3
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 4
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 5
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 6
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 7
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 8
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 9
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה
  • Accotel 10
    מלון עכוטל - עכו - איליה

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The hotel’s structure is located near the land gate, the only entrance gate to the city during the Ottoman era, and constitutes part of the old Acre city walls built in the year 1750 by Dhār Al Omar on the ruins of the Crusaders city walls.
During the years 1775-1799 the ruler Al Jezzar Pasha reinforced the City’s walls that stood fast against and did not succumb to Napoleon’s attack.
The hotel’s roof terrace offers a fine view of the sea-wall, the harbor and the fort built to protect it from artillery, including its protective wall, moat, canon posts and six large defense towers.
In the old section of the hotel the well preserved old wall can be nicely seen both behind the lobby and in room doorways where it is protected by glass walls.
Accotel offers 16 vacation rooms including: 2 suites, 5 family rooms, 3 rooms with separate beds.
Rooms have been renovated with strict caution to preserve the old stone arches bestowing an additional beauty to the experience of staying in this hotel.
The rooms’ décor is comfortable and unpretentious; the wooden double beds are handmade as are the commodes and the cabinets.
Each room is equipped with a satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, a mini-bar, a safe, air conditioning and a hair dryer.
In one of the more unique rooms, adjacent to the modern toilet and bathroom, the original bathroom from the Crusades era was conserved as an archeological representation.
The rooms’ high vaulted ceilings allow one of the family rooms to feature a children’s room in the gallery conveniently reached by stairs.
The hotel’s convenient location two minutes away from the marketplace and the harbor makes it an ideal place for Acre’s tourists and visitors.