Fornetto Pizza Bar

At the center of a gas station complex, opposite the Akhziv beach on the road to Rosh Hanikrah, there is a hidden wonderful tiny pizzeria that serves one of the very best pizzas that can be found in Israel.

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Activity times

10:00 - 23:00
Fridays and holiday eves
10:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 23:00

Contact and address

Phone for reservations
Gesher HaZiv

Contacting host

Nir Givati, a known Galilean cook, who used to own the “Tool” restaurant in Klil, surprises once again baking finger licking good pizza.

In the small pizzeria comprising only a few small tables, a bar and sits for five to ten diners, Nir offers about seven types of pizza. In addition, every week he offers a “special pizza”; a unique extraordinary pizza that he devises in his imaginative brain: the special pizza always contains fresh mozzarella (not ground), instead of the classic tomato sauce the pizza may be based on pesto sauce, on top of which he may add peppers, dried tomatoes, anchovy, pickled lemon and other delicacies.

The pizza, made on thin dough, is baked in a special stone oven imported from Italy after slow rising. The tomato sauce used on the pizza is also imported from Italy, and the mozzarella cheese is the real deal, and not the fake mozzarella used in many pizzerias.

Pizzas are served with bacon or pepperoni, melanzane with eggplant, red onion and Bulgarian cheese, mushroom sauce with cherry tomatoes and roquette leaves, especially tasty Capricioza pizza with all the best additions: zucchini, eggplant, Bulgarian cheese, sunny-side up and pepperoni.

All ingredients added to the pizza are natural and fresh, the real thing and not some fake brand; and maybe that is why the pizzas are so tasty.

Nir Givati’s love story with Pizza started when he was 17. On his way to Israel, after spending some time with his family in New York, due to his father’s occupation, he stopped off in Ancona, Italy, where, according to him, he ate the best pizza ever.
Nir had been engaged in cooking and gastronomy for thirty year, waiting for a chance to create his own pizza; one that will remind him of the taste of the pizza he ate in Ancona. With the help of Chef Boaz Kwintner of the home restaurant “Boaz Mevashel” at Mizpe Hila, the man who envisioned, initiated and established the mythical Italian restaurant “Big Mama” at Kerem Hatemanim in Tel-Aviv, Nir learned a few trade secrets and all the rest is his natural gift.
Alongside pizza the pizzeria also offers various focaccias, calzone, a wonderful salad, beer from the barrel and good espresso

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