The Pie Bakery

Cakes, cookies, pastries and pies in the confectionery and cafe on Nahariya Avenue
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07:00 - 20:00
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07:00 - 14:00

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At the heart of Kibbutz Sa’ar, west of Nahariya, the aromas of baking arise. Following one’s nose leads to the large dining room only to find out that it no longer serves as such. It currently serves as the main structure of the Pie Bakery, a large factory of cakes, cookies, knishes, pies and more.

Itzik, the owner of the successful bakery, takes justified pride in the fact that his employees include disabled people. Crossing the “Dining Room” I found myself walking among workcounters on which different types of dough were scattered, surrounded by workers vigorously engaged in baking activities. I was impressed by the variety of cakes as well as by the good atmosphere and the smiles. When I tasted the individual focaccias that Itzik gave me for the road, I also could not hold back my smile.

 You are invited to the factory’s representative shop located on Ga’aton Blvd. in Nahariya. Other shops are located at the Nahariya hospital and at the Dania neighborhood in Haifa.

The confectionary’s produce can also be enjoyed when guests vacationing in the Galilee wish to hold an event or a party in their accommodations. For such occasions, Itzik offers a delicious, diversified dairy catering.

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